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Adrian CLENCI, prof. habil. dr. ing.

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According to the UPIT Charter - Art. 7 (2), the University of Pitești assumes the didactic and research mission, by realizing the modern University's trinom: Education - Research - Community services. The fulfillment of the scientific research and university creation mission is accomplished by:

Generating and transferring knowledge through fundamental and applicative scientific research, development, innovation and technology transfer, individual and collective creation, relevant and meaningful at regional, national and international level.
Promote and develop partnerships at local, regional and national level in order to involve the University in solving community issues and increasing visibility and prestige.

The main objective of the UPIT Strategic Plan for Scientific Research 2016 - 2020 is to increase the volume and relevance of scientific research activities at the University of Pitești in order to ensure the institution's classification in the category of universities for Education and Research.

The principles of the strategy for supporting scientific research at managerial level:

Scientific research and academic creation are fundamental components of the work of academic staff and are an important criterion for assessing the qualification and appreciation of academic performance;
The planning of scientific research and academic creation activities aims at continuously improving the academic quality by periodically analyzing the research structures of the results obtained in this field and by elaborating specific sets of measures;
Human and material resources are organized on working groups in research laboratories / research centers within academic departments or in research centers established at university level;
Advanced scientific research is supported by collaborative contribution at the institutional level through the Regional Research and Development Center for innovative materials, processes and products for the automotive industry / CRC & D-Auto;
Inter-disciplinary and intra-university, national and international collaborations are encouraged and supported, especially collaborative grant applications;
The results of scientific and academic research should be exploited with the best international visibility (focus on specialized journals with high ISI / Thomson-Reuters impact factor), transfer to socio-economic agents and international patents. The University thus rewards the efforts made by the research groups.
New knowledge resulting from scientific research and academic creation, especially its own, should be introduced into the content of the analytical programs of the university studies so as to raise the level of scientific knowledge of the students and to attract them towards the academic scientific and creative research activities.



In order to streamline managerial processes, UPIT has implemented and uses since 2010 several modules of the “EMSYS University” management software, which allows the optimization of the data flows between the administrative departments of the university.

In order to evaluate and ensure the quality of didactic and research activities, UPIT has continuously improved the performance of the information system by introducing information technology and developing and implementing IT applications. Currently, the following computer applications are used in the university: elearning platforms (, - platforms that allow teachers and students to dynamize the teaching / learning / assessment process, through the use of ICT technologies), ALUMNI (, a platform that allows the management of UPIT graduate data) and SIIMADC ( SIIMADC (Integrated Information Management System for Teaching and Research Management) is a complex web application with limited access (teachers and UPIT students), consisting of several interconnected modules (Administrative, Teaching Staff, Educational Process, Research Scientific, Quality Assessment and Assurance, Students, ICT Service). This application allows efficient management of data, information and results on teaching and research activities of UPIT, as well as the processing and analysis of data and information relevant for the evaluation and institutional assurance of the quality of didactic and research activities.




In order to ensure the good development of the activities in the fields of scientific research and informatization and the achievement of the objectives assumed by the Strategic Plan of UPIT 2016-2020, the following structures operate under the SRI Vice-Rector:

The Research-Development-Innovation& Technology Transfer Center (CCDITT), which ensures the operative management of support actions for scientific research at the University of Pitești;
The Center for Information Technology, Computers and Informatisation (CTICI), which has the mission to ensure the operative management of support actions in the field of information technology, computers and computerization;
The R & D Center for Innovative Materials, Processes and Products for the AUTOmobile Industry (CRC & D-Auto), in which multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research and development activities are carried out;
The Regional Industrial Property Center (CRDPI) - developed in partnership with OSIM, which promotes the protection of industrial property and provides information in the field of Industrial Property.

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